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Heavy Duty Concrete Paint

March 15, 2010

Concrete floors in the heavy duty industrial settings has to be very durable. So we went to our military specs paint that specializes in the commercial/industrial sector of concrete floor coating.

This is the real tough hombre paint to do the job. Its not your misses Jones paint where its user friendly or low in voc. Sorry this is not for the faint of heart. Use this tough coat messy, strong odor coat to get the tough jobs done.  This is what the military specs paint means.

Top Secret Coatings heavy duty systems is one of the toughest paint that you can use. Produces high performance floor that last a long time. This stuff is is made to withstand the heavy traffic that are in the heavy industrial usage. Use this sucker TS2 heavy duty concrete paint.

Check out “heavy duty concrete paint” and browse around. If you call in let us know if you came thru a blog, just say that and we’ll know.

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Get Epoxy Paint Online

March 11, 2010

Time to get planning on doing some home improvement projects in the kitchen or maybe your garage floors needs some work done.  The garage floor needs some quality concrete floor coating seal to protect it.

You can’t go wrong with Super Floor Coat epoxy paint. Highly reliable and durable that meets military standards. Yes, these are mil spec paint that the military uses to paint their ships, and tanks.

This epoxy paint has been tailored for the residential and commercial settings. Mostly used for concrete floors, but some are made for hardwood floors as well.  Ordering factory direct is the way to go, as the price is affordable for the quality.

Order online at :

By ordering online you get 20% off on all epoxy paint products and supplies.

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Easy Ways To Coat Your Garage Floors

March 10, 2010

A concrete floor is a durable surface, and does have some problems. Concrete, even if finished to a smooth surface, is actually porous.  Fluid leaks from vehicles or machine can work their way into the concrete and stain the floor.

The simple solution is to seal the floor with a concrete floor coating made from Top Secret Coatings.  The most common garage-floor coatings are appoxy-based paints and coatings.  Can be easily applied over the weekend. After  applied, these garage-floor coatings really dress up the appearance of the garage and make the surface much easier to keep clean. This product also comes in application for kitchen hardwood floors as well.

More incentive to maintain your investment. Recommend that you order factory direct, is usually more affordable with high quality.

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Water Based is The Way To Go

March 9, 2010

Why choose a water based concrete floor coating?  There are many reasons one of them being the ease of use. There is less prep work, can put down a coat in a half hour on a less than 200 square foot garage.

Seriously, if your concrete floor is in great shape, or you’ve done the labor of putting in the prep work. Applying this epoxy paint is a breeze.  There isn’t any other prep work to do. For environmentally friendly, its the best, as there isn’t any volatile organic compounds to be exposed to.

Results of this Aquapoxy TS905 water based paint does well against other manufacturer brand. Is designed for residential and heavy industrial use. The high quality and affordable pricing helps everyone thats on a  budget.

Hardwood Floors Epoxy Seal

March 9, 2010

Protecting your un finish kitchen hardwood floor with an epoxy floor coating is worth the investment. Preparing the floor for the seal is critical. You must sand the hardwood to smooth it out and to open the pores so the finish can absorb easier.

Once done, you might want to do a thorough vacuum and sweeping. Sanding may need to be repeated, but try not to over sand. For the finer dust pick ups, use a damp cloth.

There are 2 different types of seal, water-based and solvent. Water based is getting more popular due to going green. It does cost a little more than the solvent. Solvent based face disposal issues and high volatile organic compounds which is a health concern.

Some solvent types are polyurethane. The polyurethane finishes are probably the most commonly used hardwood flooring sealant. The balance between durability, cost and appearance finds a sweet spot here. Relative to other finishes, they are simple to apply and dry within 6 hours.

Use Of Paint Primer

March 4, 2010

Why use an epoxy primer for your concrete floor coating? One is that a favorite of both the professional and the do-it-yourself floor coating installer because it eliminates the difficulty and hassle of mixing multiple components together.

Creates an effective barrier to chemicals, saltwater and vapors on virtually any surface. It achieves a highly durable high-build protective epoxy base coat that quickly self levels to a rock hard finish. The cured epoxy-ester film provides excellent protection from the damaging effects of harsh weather, chemicals, impacts and abrasions without blistering or lifting to hot tires.

So the purpose of using a paint primer is to allows finishing paint to adhere much better than if it were used alone. For this purpose, primer is designed to adhere to surfaces and to form a binding layer that is better prepared to receive the paint. Or another way to put it  is quicker and easier to use and provides a durable base coat in preparation for virtually any garage floor coating system. It provides a sound base for the application of concrete floor coatings and seals out air and moisture.

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Hardwood Epoxy Paint

March 3, 2010

Using a 1 part epoxy paint offers good resistance to chemicals, cleaning agents even spilled fuel, brake fluid and dilute acids! Can be used on concrete or hardwood floors. It is impact resistant to 500 PSI and is heat resistant to 400F.

This 1 part epoxy paint TS-100 is very versatile.  You can count on its durability (military specs) to give your hardwood floors the protection that it needs.  No matter how much the traffic of your floors, this 1 part hardwood paint sealant can withstand the stress as long as you don’t intentionally crack your floors with a sledge hammer.

This hardwood paint have a waranty of 10 years. Ordering factory direct  online from our stores will save you 20% off.  So stop on by to our Concrete Floor Coatings Online Store.

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