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Repainting Your Hardwood Floors

April 6, 2010

Things to think about when re-painting your hardwood floors? What type are you painting? What type of hardwood floor you have will determine what preparations you need to do before you can re-paint. These instructions are for a hardwood floor that is varnished.

– First thing is to sand the wood floors that you would like to paint to remove the old varnish and to smooth them. A sander will make your wood floors easier to paint. If you do not own a power floor sander, rent one. Doing it by hand, with sand paper, is tough.  Place a mask over your nose and mouth when you sand. Be sure you take the necessary steps to keep the dust contained in your rooms where you are sanding.

– Clean your floors with a good wood floor cleaner or just use vinegar and water. You want to make sure your floors are not only smooth but also free of residue.

– Tape the areas where you are going to paint. You want to protect your walls from any paint that you put on your floors.

– Apply primer to your wood floors. A primer prepares your floor for painting by contributing to a smooth surface and ensuring that your paint adheres to the surface. It also protects your wood floors. Make sure the primer can be used on wood floors. Once done, apply a sealer that is formulated for wood floors.

Super Floor Coat have a variety of  epoxy paint for hardwood and concrete. These are mil specs paint which were originally for tough concrete floor coatings, but with the advances in the paint chem technology. Chemist have gotten very creative and able to formulate paints for any industry and uses.

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