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Most Versatile Epoxy Paint

March 19, 2010

Some questions have come up about what is the differences between our mono epoxy ts200 and ts100 1part epoxy. Both are used as a concrete floor coating sealant.

The 1part TS100 has silicone will give you a harder finish. Both are durable, but if your floors have more foot traffic exposure and more abrasions use the TS200.  Plus TS200 mono epoxy is self priming versus the TS100 has to have a primer to go with it.

There would be more mixing involved with the TS100 than TS200.  If you don’t have much traffic and maybe its like a showroom area that you know people will not be walking all over, go with TS100.

TS200 is more forgiving when dealing with the application than TS100. Probably the easiest application, no brainer is the TS200 and you can do a lot more with it than TS100.

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