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Residential Concrete Paint

March 18, 2010

There are many do-it-yourself projects are lurking around the corner. Some are in the kitchen and floors. Floors are usually indirectly linked to the project when you’re doing a complete remodel.

A simple example is a complete bathroom job. This consist of gutting out the bathroom plumbing and flooring. Most floors are just vinyl work, but once in a while you have a concrete. Concrete floor coating with epoxy paint is practical for sealant.

Epoxy paint is water proof, has high adhesion, flexible and forgiving to work with, depending on the brand and surface application.  There are many other to choose from.

There are some differences if you’re working on your garage floors compared to the heavy construction industrial settings. The residential type of epoxy paint like the TS200 mono epoxy is one of the best if your floor doesn’t require more prep. The TS200 is self priming as there is no need to add mix, sanding, blasting. This paint is low “voc” which is why many homeowners love this stuff.

For the heavy or lite commercial that wants a tougher seal to withstand the oil, huge traffic, and heat from tires. This stuff isn’t epoxy its the stuff that has strong chemicals that deals with tough grimes.

As we stated overall go with the mono epoxy TS200 for your home project.

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