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Comparison of Garage Mats & Epoxy Paint

February 5, 2010

Deciding on whether you want to use epoxy floor paint or garage mats to cover your concrete garage floors has its pros and cons. Regarding mats, it can be pricy depending on the size. The conveniences of it is high on the list as compared to using epoxy paint.

Some of this can depend on the time it takes to have this done. For the long term, its better to go with a quality coat of epoxy paint.

Preparing the concrete floor should be taken seriously whether you use mats or epoxy paint. The better clean the concrete floor is, the easier it is for you to put down a coat of epoxy paint, and/or lay down the mats.

I know I’m jumping around on this matter but, price wise epoxy paint will cost you less than a garage mat.  Super Floor Coat epoxy paint lasts 20 years guaranteed in writing. Their brand out performs most manufacturers, with their military specs it can be used for residential and commercial due to its durability in nature.

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