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Removing Adhesive From Concrete Floor

February 3, 2010

Preparing and smoothing out your concrete floors is paramount before applying any form of concrete floor coating. Here’s how to clean up the adhesive from concrete floor.

We realize there are many ways but a simple one is hard work combine with hot water and a scraper. Or you can try a chemical glue remover (citrus remover). You will have to try both methods to know what works for you. Because we have done both ways and depending on the amount of glue and stubbornness were the deciding factors.

Tile and Glue Remover is a very good tool to use on smooth concrete floors. This tool has a sharp blade about 8 inches long that moves back and forth like a large electric razor scraping the surface clean.

For Ridges of glue, use heavy-duty grinder and highly abrasive sandpaper. That should remove most highly formed glue.

Once you’re done be sure to clean up and vacuum up the debris. Now you’re ready to apply a couple of epoxy coats onto the concrete floor in your garage or basement.

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