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Water Based Paint

April 9, 2010

Water borne epoxy paint is perfect to use as your concrete floor coatings. Can be used on your garage, basement floors. What is unique about waterborne epoxy paint is that its water based.  Means the paint is made up of water and eco friendly chemicals that makes up the paint.

Since it is water based paint, there is no “volatile compound organic” which is detrimental to your health.  There is no odor, but realistically there is a slight odor, which is the norm with most water based epoxy paint. The flexibility of this paint is the application to surfaces.

With this water based technology it can be used on concrete, hardwood, boats, metal, aluminum. Creates great adhesion, plenty to work with depending on the work type and settings.

Top Secret Coatings water based paint meets military standards. This is the highest quality paint that anyone from homeowners to private contractors can benefit from.

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Repainting Your Hardwood Floors

April 6, 2010

Things to think about when re-painting your hardwood floors? What type are you painting? What type of hardwood floor you have will determine what preparations you need to do before you can re-paint. These instructions are for a hardwood floor that is varnished.

– First thing is to sand the wood floors that you would like to paint to remove the old varnish and to smooth them. A sander will make your wood floors easier to paint. If you do not own a power floor sander, rent one. Doing it by hand, with sand paper, is tough.  Place a mask over your nose and mouth when you sand. Be sure you take the necessary steps to keep the dust contained in your rooms where you are sanding.

– Clean your floors with a good wood floor cleaner or just use vinegar and water. You want to make sure your floors are not only smooth but also free of residue.

– Tape the areas where you are going to paint. You want to protect your walls from any paint that you put on your floors.

– Apply primer to your wood floors. A primer prepares your floor for painting by contributing to a smooth surface and ensuring that your paint adheres to the surface. It also protects your wood floors. Make sure the primer can be used on wood floors. Once done, apply a sealer that is formulated for wood floors.

Super Floor Coat have a variety of  epoxy paint for hardwood and concrete. These are mil specs paint which were originally for tough concrete floor coatings, but with the advances in the paint chem technology. Chemist have gotten very creative and able to formulate paints for any industry and uses.

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Military Spec Paint

March 30, 2010

Military Specs paint is the pick for heavy commercial concrete floor coatings. Here is the basic make up of military spec paint. The typical formulation of these finishes consists of three primary groups of raw materials: the resin or binder system, the pigment package, and the solvents.

As a way of standardizing the paint formulation manufactured by private contractors for the military. The military specification lists all the requirements of the paint.  Which describes types and composition of materials, color and spectral reflectance properties, and label markings.

If you are a contractor and have job that requires some tough application. Look into mil spec paint from Top Secret Coating or Super Floor Coat. Give us a holler at 877-568-2168 for more info on mil spec paint.

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Best Mil Specs Paint

March 23, 2010

One of our mil specs paint is a 2 component polyamide epoxy. This 2 component is catalyst cured. If yo’re doing some heavy concrete floor coatings in the commercial or heavy industrials, this is what you need.

This heavy duty commercial concrete paint is made to withstand high volume motorized traffic, alkali and acid spills. When properly applied adhesion, chemical resistances, hardness, and scuff resistances is unequaled.

Super Floor Coat mil spec paint MIL-C-22750 is more durable than water based, or 100% oil epoxy, and acrylic.

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Effective Commercial Concrete Paint

March 22, 2010

Commercial concrete floors are tough and require tough concrete floor coatings to handle motorized traffic, high heat, and spilled fuels. The paint that Top Secret Coatings provides meets military standards.

These commercial paint factory direct hi quality is the ultimate choice for most homeowners and commercial contractors that needs to get the job done efficiently.

Depending on the type that you get some are easy to apply to the more extensive like the 2 component aliphatic urethane. This paint is one of the toughest to use in commercial and industrial settings.

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Most Versatile Epoxy Paint

March 19, 2010

Some questions have come up about what is the differences between our mono epoxy ts200 and ts100 1part epoxy. Both are used as a concrete floor coating sealant.

The 1part TS100 has silicone will give you a harder finish. Both are durable, but if your floors have more foot traffic exposure and more abrasions use the TS200.  Plus TS200 mono epoxy is self priming versus the TS100 has to have a primer to go with it.

There would be more mixing involved with the TS100 than TS200.  If you don’t have much traffic and maybe its like a showroom area that you know people will not be walking all over, go with TS100.

TS200 is more forgiving when dealing with the application than TS100. Probably the easiest application, no brainer is the TS200 and you can do a lot more with it than TS100.

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Residential Concrete Paint

March 18, 2010

There are many do-it-yourself projects are lurking around the corner. Some are in the kitchen and floors. Floors are usually indirectly linked to the project when you’re doing a complete remodel.

A simple example is a complete bathroom job. This consist of gutting out the bathroom plumbing and flooring. Most floors are just vinyl work, but once in a while you have a concrete. Concrete floor coating with epoxy paint is practical for sealant.

Epoxy paint is water proof, has high adhesion, flexible and forgiving to work with, depending on the brand and surface application.  There are many other to choose from.

There are some differences if you’re working on your garage floors compared to the heavy construction industrial settings. The residential type of epoxy paint like the TS200 mono epoxy is one of the best if your floor doesn’t require more prep. The TS200 is self priming as there is no need to add mix, sanding, blasting. This paint is low “voc” which is why many homeowners love this stuff.

For the heavy or lite commercial that wants a tougher seal to withstand the oil, huge traffic, and heat from tires. This stuff isn’t epoxy its the stuff that has strong chemicals that deals with tough grimes.

As we stated overall go with the mono epoxy TS200 for your home project.

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